Welcome to the STA GmbH

Performance features

  • High availability with our 24 hour-service seven days a week
  • High flexibility and speed through short-term assignment possibilities
  • Short-term exchanges of components with our extensive spare parts storage
  • Worldwide operations with our flexible staff and service partners
  • Execution of various repair services with our qualified staff
  • Avoidance of unnecessary idle periods with repair and service work afloat

Our service range

We are specialized in new installations, repairs, maintenance and service of all types of electrotechnical systems and machinery including reworking and similar work on ships. Beginning from production, fabrication and commissioning through to the conversion of switching installations as well as with the testing of power circuit breakers, repairs of electrical motors and generators and regarding the delivery of spare parts we are your reliable Partner.

  • Project planning
  • Construction of switching installations
  • New installation/commissioning
  • Repairs
  • Conversion/retrofitting
  • Tests and repairs of power circuit breakers
  • Electrical motors and generators
  • Spare parts supply

ISO 9001

STA GmbH Quality management

The first class quality of our services is the foundation of our success. Thereon rests the trust of our clients and suppliers.


Quality Certificate

Since 2005 our company is certified according to DIN ISO 9001. An independent company annually reviews this. Our company is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2008 since July 27th, 2011.